Funds of the Early Stage of NTI's Support

The purpose of RVC's investments in NTI funds is to support investment-attractive NTI projects at the venture stage.

RVC's Investments

no more than 50% of a fund and no more than 1,500 million roubles

Investment obligation of the MC (key persons)

not less than 1% of the size of a fund

The share of fund investors who are not development institutions

not less than 30% of the size of a fund

Investment strategy

cross-cutting technologies, technology directions and NTI markets

the investment strategy should contain criteria and (or) mechanisms for determining the compliance of projects with NTI requirements

Requirements to a MC

the availability of experience in venture capital investment funds or entrepreneurial experience in the technology areas or in NTI markets

Corporate Governance

the right of RVC JSC to appoint at least two members of the investment committee from RVC JSC with the right of veto


Verification of compliance of investment activities of venture support funds for NTI projects is carried out through:

  • a) appointment of a member of the investment committee of a fund in the interests of NTI;
  • b) consideration of potential projects of the fund for compliance with NTI.

The main body that monitors the compliance of NTI activities of funds is the NTI Project Committee.

Formation of investment committee in NTI Funds

In NTI funds, RVC JSC appoints the necessary number of members to the investment committee of the fund, including one or more of which is appointed in the interests of NTI.

The candidacy of a member of the investment committee of the fund appointed in the interests of NTI is subject to approval by the NTI Project Committee.

The procedure for the recognition of a project corresponding to the NTI (hereinafter referred to as the NTI Project)

The NTI Project Committee makes the decision on the recognition of projects by NTI projects. The management company, prior to the investment committee of a fund, submits the project for consideration by the NTI Project Committee. In order to avoid competition for the transaction, the materials are considered in closed private or in absentia meetings, which are held in a limited number of the NTI Project Committee without the presence of representatives of other investment funds. The NTI Project Committee decides to recognize the project as an NTI Project, the remaining decisions are in the area of responsibility of the management company and the investment committee of the fund.