Corporate Venture Funds

The purpose of RVC's investments in corporate venture capital funds is the development of a segment of corporate venture capital investment.

RVC's Investments

no more than 10% of a fund and no more than 1,000 million roubles

Investment obligation of the MC (key persons)

not less than 1% of the size of a fund

The share of fund's investors who are not development institutions / independent management company

presence of a private participant in a fund: or an independent management company, or an investor who is not a development institution with a share of at least 30%

Investment strategy

branches of technological priorities of corporations

mainly invest in companies that received the first revenue

Requirements to a MC

Availability of experience in venture investment funds or entrepreneurial experience in the field of fund specialization

Corporate Governance

the right of RVC JSC to appoint a representative to the IC with the right of veto


the participation of the corporation in the fund not only for strategic purposes, but also for financial purposes - the purposes of obtaining income from investment activities

the investment declaration of the fund and (or) other legal documents of the fund determine the mechanisms for protecting the interests of RVC JSC if there is a conflict of interests, including a management company and a corporate investor