To Project Authors

RBV Capital considers the following project types:

  • High-risk unique projects at relatively early stages, having the potential of multiple growth of capitalization
  • Moderate-risk projects at earlier stages or with a shorter life cycle: the projects having engaged investments of venture capital funds reputedly in the international market, or of large-scale biomedical branch players, and whose product / technology is already at the advanced stage of the registration trials
  • Low-risk projects already present in the market, close to market launch, or having a short way to market launch, within the terms of the biomedical industry

The managers consider the following criteria when selecting projects to fund:

  1. The project is based on an original and modern scientific and / or technological solution, which is being implemented at the level of the best world standards by the professionals within its sphere, or the solution aimed at a market niche where it may significantly challenge the products already present there;
  2. The project is being implemented by the efforts of a competent team of scientists and managers;
  3. The project aims at the market segments with considerable growth potential;
  4. The Intellectual Property is being professionally defended in the target markets;
  5. The required financing is enough to gain the project aims and / or the following round, the fund closing horizon is understandable.