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Finematica Air-cosmic Fund IPA

About the Fund

Finematica Air-cosmic Fund IPA was created in December 2014 as an investment partnership composed of Finematika LLC, RVC and private investors. Finematika LLC is the Managing partner. The Investment Committee is composed of its representatives along with the representatives of RVC. The investments aim at technologies referring to air and space construction development, aviation and space exploration. The fund looks for the projects, promotes them to arrange operating activity as well as promoting the launch of the items to the consumer market and also the services and technologies developed in the specified branches. The Fund amount at the first closing is RUB bln 1.5. The investment period is four years. It is expected that the fund capital will increase up to RUB bln 3 and 4.5 at the second and third closings.


26 Ul. Pravdy, 125040, Moscow, Russia

+7 (495) 542-58-58