Russian-Belorussian Venture Investment Fund IPA

About the Fund

The Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund is formed as an investment partnership in the framework of Federal Law No. 335-FZ "On investment partnership" dated 28.11.2011 (as amended by Federal Law No. 220-FZ of 21.07.2014). The target size of the fund amounted to 1.4 billion rubles with the possibility of a further increase upon investors' decision. The investors of the fund are the Belarusian Innovation Fund (Belinfond), RVC and RVC Infrafund that have invested at the first stage the amount of 50%, 49% and 1% respectively.

The managing partners of the Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund are RVC Infrafund and the Belarusian Innovation Fund.


The main purpose of the Russian-Belorussian Venture Investment Fund is to create a modern and transparent investment tool for the development of competitive companies on the basis of high-tech development carried out in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in the context of harmonization of economic relations between the two countries within the EAEC.

The distribution of the Fund's investments will be made in projects registered in the Russian Federation, and in those projects, which are registered in the Republic of Belarus.

The Fund invests in projects of two stages:

  • up to 25 million rubles, in the project stage venture with a private investor share of not less than 25%;
  • up to 150 million rubles in companies that are in the growth stage.


InfraFund RVC, LLC

55/25 Pyatnitskaya str., bld.4, Moscow, 115184, Russia

+ 7 495 729-6459

Belarusian Innovation Fund

31/A office 403, V. Horuzhei Str., 220002, Minsk

+ 375 017 293 17 97

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