To Project Authors

The Principles of Selection

Softline Seed Fund invests into projects conforming to the fund's purpose:

  • SaaS and smart cloud

  • digital marketing tools

  • information security and data protection

  • Mobile Apps

The fund considers applications from the projects having the product/service (having prototype of at least at MVP stage), which have empirically checked the hypothesis on its market need of the product/service and started to sell it to at least some partners.

The project information may be sent to:

The sample form is at:

When appraising and selecting projects for investment, the fund considers the following criteria:

  • Presence of the project's growth potential;

  • Conformity of the project to the fund's purpose;

  • Presence of the qualified project team;

  • transparent structure of the owners/co-founders of the project.

Preliminary Project Analysis

It is performed by the fund's analysts and shall include: study of public information (available to the general public), study of the comments from the project originators, experts and specialists of the innovative company as well as opinions of the market participants. The complex analysis of feasibility of the innovative project is generated.

A thorough audit of an innovative company

For the purposes of the investment procedure, the fund carries out a thorough audit composed of measures on the financial and legal aspects, business analysis and appraisal of the project. As a result, a project conclusion on the investment attractiveness and reliability, based on the provided information, is prepared.

Growth of an innovative company

The fund cooperates with portfolio companies, plans measures on increase of their capitalization (estimated market cost).

Withdrawal Strategies

The fund's investment period is three years. During this period the fund implements a set of measures to increase the capitalization of the portfolio projects and then ways to withdraw from it are considered, by sales of its shares to the strategic investor, the next stage fund or through purchase of the company's management.

The resolution on the withdrawal parameters shall be based on a number of factors, including reaching considerable results in the implementation of the innovative potential, analysis of the dynamics of the market sector development or appearance of a strategic buyer of the portfolio company.