• What are the criteria the fund uses to select which projects to finance?
    The project shall conform to the fund purposes, it shall possess a good team with proven work experience in the subject sphere, prototype or finished product, potential market for this product and a proven hypothesis on the need for the product in this market. These are the main parameters of attention by our investment analysts.
  • What is the sum the start-up may expect if the project is approved by the competition investment committee?
    RUB 15 mln is the maximum amount for one Softline Seed Fund investment.
  • What is received besides money?
    Vast possibilities and competences of Softline companies' group, like administrative support (office), accounting and legal support, PR-support as well as penetration into the sales channel of Softline companies' group, which is represented in almost 30 countries and services nearly 60 thousand clients.
  • Who appraises the projects and resolves investment concerns?
    The Investment Committee resolves investment concerns. See more details here [link].