• The business project is presented as an idea and a legal entity to implement it has not yet established. Will such a project be considered by the fund?
    Projects without established legal entity are considered, along with those already having a legal entity. But the establishment of a legal entity will be a compulsory condition for further work within the project preparation and "packing".
  • What is the maximum sum the fund invests into an innovative project?
    The fund may invest RUB up to 15 mln.
  • What are the fund's demands as to the received share?
    The participation of the Fund in the project (share / interest in the created project company) is determined, depending on the project details and on the basis of an independent appraisal.
  • Is it supposed to return the assets received from the fund? What is the amount for returning them?
    The fund gains income from the implementation of the received share in an innovative company. The target yield of the projects can be below the standard yield of venture investments, but, in any case, the IRR for the Fund should be higher than 20 percent.
  • What are the terms of the fund's participation in an innovative project's development and the ways of withdrawal from it?
    The procedure of capitalization increase of the fund's portfolio company may take from one to three years. Then it is necessary to consider the possibility of withdrawal from the project, either by sale of share / interest to the strategic investor or venture capital fund (namely, it is possible to consider RVC Seed Fund as the next stage of project development), or through the purchase by the company's management.
  • What are the fund's criteria for selection and appraisal of innovative projects?
    The fund considers the reputation and experience of the project originators, team, scientific and technical expertise, economic feasibility and perspectives of the market development.