Investment Strategy

When considering new projects the fund, first of all, considers the following parameters:

  • The project team is composed of natives, having entrepreneurial or commercial experience, as well as the relevant scientific and technical competencies.

  • The project aims at the expanding world market. At the same time there must be a sufficient internal demand, in Russia, for the company's start-up.

  • The developers may demonstrate or substantiate the product's unique properties, which secure the stable competitive advantage of the company in the future.

  • The fund's investments will be sufficient to gain a qualitatively new state of the company, which is required to engage investments for the next round.

  • The project's specialization is within the robotic industry, wearable electronics, software and hardware systems and software for business.

  • The project is physically located in Moscow, which is explained by the need for close cooperation with the founders at the initial stages. Most projects have a direct relation to MSU.

  • Syndicated investments with other funds and founders are an advantage.