ACP Seed Fund IPA

About the Fund

In 2012, business angels, who had previously invested into early stage technological companies themselves, founded Amalthea Capital Partners (ACP) private Seed Fund. The fund's foundation permitted the consolidation and arrangement of this activity on a professional basis. Since December 2014, the fund has worked under the investment partnership principle, having unified its own assets, the investments from RVC Seed Fund and from MSU Scientific Park.

ACP fund invests, not only money into the projects, but experience of its partners, in developing high tech companies from prototype to income-earning as well, assists in the arrangement of functioning businesses, solves routine problems of innovative companies. As the fund's partners possess the greatest competencies in Software Development (B2B), Engineering, Hardware and Software Systems and New Materials Area, ACP investment focuses is in these areas.

Usually ACP is the first investor in a project, investing RUB 4 to 8 mln., in exchange for a minority interest in the company. Being a commercial company, the fund aims at income earning: the partners must secure an attractive ratio of profitability to risks, in the capital market, for its investors, as well as taking care of long-term ACP development. The fund's portfolio companies actively use support programs from the development institutes, therefore actually all the transactions take place in Russia.

Tasks of the Fund

  • Search of teams, able to develop and sell unique products;

  • Creation of conditions for the fastest development of the portfolio companies, including access to basic business services, available financing, potential partners and clients;

  • Expertise in the building of scalable business processes;

  • Search for financial and strategic investors interested in the purchase of the fund's portfolio companies.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  • ACP Management Company was established in February 2012. It unites 7 growing innovative companies;

  • ACP Investment Partnership was established in December 2014;

  • The total fund size is: RUB 33.4 mln;

  • Investment period: 3 years;

  • Form of incorporation: Investment partnership, which is composed of RVC Seed Fund LLC, ZAO MSU Scientific Park and ACP MC LLC (managing partner).

Investment committee

Petrechenko Vasiliy Aleksandrovich
General Director of ACP MC
Kanunnikov Alexey Alexandrovich
Representative of the RVC Seed Fund LLC
Movseyan Oleg Vladimirovich
Member of Investment Committee of ACP MC


1-77, 26 Ul. Vorobyovy Gory, 119234, Moscow, Russia

+7 (495) 930-80-59, +7 (495) 930-84-54