Included in the portfolio of the fund: VTB – Venture Capital Fund CE VF
Link to website:
Year of inclusion in the portfolio: 2011
Investment Status: Early stage
Economic Sector: Information Technologies, Internet and Services
Direction of modernization: Strategic Computer Technologies and Software
City: Moscow

The company proposes a software product, which can automatically select and analyze the data from companies. AiHit technology permits the creation of structured data from non-structured sources in the Internet.

The process of collection and updating of information is completely automated, scaled and is very cheap. Most company's information suppliers (e.g., Hoover’s, Info USA), build their databases manually, or, at best, using semiautomatic technologies.

AiHit technology is very complicated and combines two critically important features: it can gather high quality information and do it with high speed and effectiveness, using minimal resources. It was achieved due to the uniting of multiple, complicated technologies and methods in AiHit, namely:

  • neural network technology;
  • Bayesian interferential device technologies;
  • high speed vector databases technologies;
  • inductive logistic programming methods;
  • technologies of neural linguistic programming and analysis;
  • language recognition technologies;
  • methods for web-sites and web-pages recognition;
  • text reference methods;
  • technologies for building connections and defining the nature;
  • technologies for the cloud distributed computing;
  • technologies of intellectual randomizing, updating and determination of priorities.

As distinct from the information gathered manually, the information gathered, using AiHit technologies, is more complete and is always up-to-date. The information gathered using AiHit technology has an extra high quality — more than 90%, reaching the indicators of 98% (when the area standard is 85%). The company has already proven it within modern tests with the world's largest business information suppliers.


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