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Russian Navigation Technologies

Russian Navigation Technologies
Included in the portfolio of the fund: VTB – Venture Capital Fund CE VF
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Year of inclusion in the portfolio: 2007
Investment Status: Early stage
Economic Sector: Space and Telecommunications
Direction of modernization: Space and Telecommunications
City: Moscow

Russian Navigation Technologies OJSC (RNT) specializes in the development, production and implementation of telematic systems for transport monitoring and control under the AutoTracker brand, on the basis of GPS/GLONASS, considering the peculiarities of the domestic transport industry. The solutions proposed by the company permit the enterprises to reduce operating costs and maintenance of vehicle fleets, as well as to optimize and computerize the metering systems when driving motor vehicles. Savings from the implementation of such a system may make up to 30% of operating costs for such a vehicle and the investments payback period to implement the system is usually 3–6 months.

RNY OJSC is a developer and manufacturer of AutoTracker GLONASS/GPS-monitoring system. AutoTracker satellite monitoring system is a universal platform, which may be installed and adjusted in accordance with the client's needs and business-specific features.

The Hardware and software which make up the AutoTracker system.

The Hardware includes an onboard computer module installed in a vehicle; additional equipment connected to the onboard computer module (sensors and execution units); a server, installed to gather, store and exchange data between the vehicles and dispatch centre.

The software consists of a number of applications installed on the server and computer of the dispatcher and permitting the exchange of data between the vehicles and the dispatcher, via a convenient and understandable interface. The basic software needed to start operating the AutoTracker system consists of the AT-Server Program, AT-Observer and AT-Administrator. Furthermore, an AT Web application is proposed. There is also additional software, which permits customisation of the system in accordance with the customer's needs.