Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation

Light Engines Corporation

Light Engines Corporation
Included in the portfolio of the fund: VTB – Venture Capital Fund CE VF
Year of inclusion in the portfolio: 2007
Investment Status: Extension
Economic Sector: Industrial production
Direction of modernization: Space and Telecommunications
City: Moscow

The project provides for the production of innovative LED clusters. The main Company's innovation is the rejection of the classical production of separate components and focus on production of ready-to-use, integrated light sources (clusters), not needing an additional stage of gathering, and having a convenient-to-use, mechanical and electrical interface. The developed interface permits electrotechnical companies to apply this project's products, even without the required competence in electronics and thermal physics, needed to use traditional LEDs. The Company has implemented, within this concept, innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • optimization of optics application procedure;
  • heat disposal management;
  • items error reduction and reliability growth;
  • reduction of stages of items gathering

Currently a product line of LEC includes LED products for the following areas:

  1. Lighting to illuminate signboards and price display panels.
  2. Industrial Lighting.
  3. Office Lighting.
  4. Street Lighting.
  5. Lighting for Housing and Utilities Infrastructures.