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RVC IVFRT LP (UK) was registered in the UK on June 25, 2010. The fund, managed by Volga Venture Management Inc (USA), has the status of Limited Partner in the funds managed by the world's leaders in venture industry.

Through the mechanism of accession to international venture funds (consortia, alliances), specializing in late-stage investments, RVC accessed the most advanced practices of venture deals that can then be replicated in the Russian market. In addition, through acquaintance with RVC, the world's leading funds will be able to find a way for their investments in Russian companies.

By accession to the RVC  IVP XIII will achieve several strategic goals:

  • obtain information about the methods and techniques of the formation of venture capital funds of later stage;

  • access to extensive information about the most important ("hot") venture capital market transactions;

  • the development of the partner network by building relationships with other investors in the venture capital fund;

  • the involvement of fund partners with the Russian technology market as strategic co-investors, and more.

On September 6, 2010 RVC announced the closing of the transaction to join the late-stage fund for Institutional Venture Partners XIII (IVP XIII). IVP formed a new fund of $ 750 million, with a focus on technological innovation of the late stage of development. Investments of "RVC" in the IVP XIII fund - $ 10 million.

In 2011 RUSSIAN VENTURE CAPITAL II LP joined  two major international venture funds, registered in the US: Trident Capital Fund VII and DCM VI.

In February 2012,  "Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan" (IVF RT) and JSC "RVC" made the decision on creation new RVC IVFRT LP mutual fund on the basis of RVC II LP on an equal footing by attracting IVF RT as a new investor (20 million dollars from the RVC and IVF RT). The Management company for the mutual fund of RVC and  IVF RT — Volga Venture Management Inc. — registered in the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware (USA).

Investment Portfolio

Accession to the Trident fund, which received special recognition for its expertise in cloud computi

Joining to the fund which specializes in investing in the development of application software for a

Joining to the fund which specializes in investing in the development of application software for a

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