RVC Civil Technologies

About the Fund

Civil Technologies of the Military-Industrial Complex, Ltd (RVC Civil Technologies, Ltd) was established on February 21, 2013 in the course of the implementation of the Basic Strategy Provisions of RVC and Ramenskoye Design Company OJSC.

The Fund's members are RVC (70%), RPKB OJSC (20%) and Foundation for Promotion of Science, Innovation, and Technology (10%).

Management Company - RVC Seed Fund Ltd.

Civil Technologies of the Military-Industrial Complex Special-Purpose Fund is an investment vehicle for Russian and international mainstream market launch of the technologies and projects of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC).

Tasks of the Fund

  • taking an active part in the efficient commercial activity of prospective civil technologies of Russian competitive companies, including those from the MIC Sector

  • promotion to the development, in Russia, of the investment holding, into newly established companies and seeding stage companies, whose activity conforms to the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation and engaged, first of all, into High Technology Instrument Engineering, Special Purpose Integrated Electronics and Micromechanics, Imaging Tools, High precision Guidance Systems, Establishing New Materials, Embedded Systems (of Software, Intelligent Systems and Management Systems), Welding, Soldering and Heat Treatment Techniques and Procedures.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  1. The Fund's operating assets volume is up to 1 billion rubles, it is planned to raise additional capital up to 1.5 billion rubles;
  2. The active investment term of the fund is 7 years;
  3. Terms and Conditions for the Investment Round One: The volume of primary investments into an Innovative Company at seeding development stage may not exceed 30 million rubles.
  4. The Fund may invest the Fund's additional capital, provided the Investment Round Two and further are held, provided the maximum investment volume may not exceed 100 million rubles. The Fund permits any legal and financial transaction terms and conditions permitted by the laws of the Russian Federation;
  5. The Fund's operation is carried out and controlled by the Managing Company of RVC SIP in coordination with the Fund's regional partners;
  6. Investment Decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee (Management Board).

The Fund carries out its activity involving regional partners and seeding investments originators, having access to scientific, logistical support and financial assets.

Investment Portfolio

Video Transcoder with Cloud Speed-Up capacities.

Technological Equipment for Assembling Quartz Optical Fibres.

All portfolio companies


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