To project Authors

Before contacting the Foundation pay attention to the investment focus and project requirements

Consideration of the project at RVC Infrafund LLC is realized  in several stages:

1. Consideration of the project at the level of ideas

For the consideration of the project it should be sent to us via email with information about the proposed project (application template).

If the project fund is interested, applicants will be invited to present their project, at the level of ideas, at a meeting of the Investment Committee.  It requires a prepared presentation of the project.

2. Preliminary analysis of the project and agreement of the transaction conditions

For the consideration of the project it is required that the business financial plan, in Excel format, is submitted to the Fund.

After approval of the business plan, the basic conditions of the transaction is prepared and agreed with the representatives of the fund (TermSheet).

A package of documents (business plan, financial model, agreement on the basic terms of the deal) is considered by the Investment Committee.

3. Thorough inspection, evaluation, technological expertise

If the investment involves an existing business, the investment Fund carefully verifies the object of investments (DueDiligence).

If, in the structure of the deal, there are tangible or intangible assets, made as a payment of the authorized capital, provided as collateral, evaluation of these assets is organized.

If the business involves complex technological solutions, the Fund makes technological evaluations of these solutions.

The results of a thorough inspection, evaluation and any independent technological consultations are examined by the Investment Committee.

4. Completion of the transaction

Once the deal is approved, the applicant and the Fund shall commence the steps provided for in the agreement on the basic terms of the deal.

In addition, if an applicant, at the time of filing, has already prepared a business plan and financial model, the draft could be submitted to the Investment Committee directly, at the stage of the preliminary review.

Consideration of the project at every stage is possible in full-time or part-time mode.

At each stage of the Fund more information may be requested about the project.

Template of the service company application Download file

Information about the project can be sent to the postal address: а