• Does RVC Infrafund LLC invest only in already-existing companies?
    No, there are no criteria for the lifetime of the company. An application may be received from a group of initiators and a company which has many years successfully working in the market. The important criteria include the competence and experience of the team.
  • If the service company does not need 100 million rubles for development, can it raise the financing of 5-10 million rubles?
    Yes, 100 million rubles is only a limitation on top of the investments in the first round. The lower limit of the investment is not defined.
  • Service company applying for investment should be engaged only in innovation projects?
    No, the company's activities can be diversified, but a large part of the business must be a focus on the provision of innovation services and venture community.
  • Is there to be return of the fund revenue? If yes, what will be the amount?
    Infrafund LLC plans to profit from the investment, at the time of the sale of its share in the portfolio of the company. The yield of the Fund Portfolio is seen as moderate.
  • Who can be a private investor?
    Private investor - legal entity or physical person, or business partnership, exercising together with Infrafond investing the company's own funds in Infrastructure (with the exception of the federal budget, the subject of the Russian Federation, means of extrabudgetary funds, the budget of the municipality) in a certain amount of the requested investment.
  • How critical is the ratio 25/75% of the investment from the private investor fund?
    25% of private investment is a minimum boundary value. A private investor can provide a larger share of investment needs.