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About the Fund

Strategic objective Infrastructure investments RVC LLC (RVC InfraFund LLC) is in infrastructure innovation markets, allowing participants to effectively commercialize the results of scientific and research activities. For this purpose RVC InfraFund LLC invests in commercially promising companies that provide a wide range of services to all participants’ innovative markets and regions, with advanced research and education bases. RVC Infrafund LLC is focused on creating infrastructure that fully supports the full cycle of innovation - from idea to commercialization, through successful implementation into existing technological chains. In this regard, in order of precedence, RVC Infrafund LLC, as objects of investment, provides the companies which are engaged in the technology of startups capitalization, with services and deal with consulting support.

Catalyzing company

  • Investments are provided for generating a large number of high-tech companies, based on the commercialization of intellectual property - business incubators, spin-off centres of higher educational and research institutes, engineering centers and technology transfer centres.
  • Advantage of  catalyzing an  already operating platform, proven effectiveness (criterion - presence of the incubated companies, which have received the first seeding investment through Seed Fund RVC, SKOLKOVO Fund, Fund of assistance to small forms of enterprises development in scientific and technical sphere, public, private foundations and grant-givers).

  • Investments are provided to the projects initiators, who have proved to be successful technology entrepreneurs/mentors/investors, as well as in projects with access to a long-term source of intellectual property rights (higher schools, research institutes) and the potential for creating new companies based on them.

Service company

Investments in service companies, advising participants of market innovation in the area of training to attract investors, legal support, financial planning, etc. Investing in the newly created company is not part of the remit, except in the case of allocation of a subsidiary of an existing successful consulting business, or creating a company that rectifies an obvious deficiency of certain qualified services for participants in the innovation market. Required conditions:

  • The success of the existing consulting business;

  • A clear focus on the target (Infrafund) segment;

  • The purpose of attracting investment-expansion of an existing business (geographic, functional, industry);

  • In the case of investment in a newly created company that eliminates the obvious shortage of specialized services, the project proponent must demonstrate the ability to integrate command created by the company in their industrial production chains.

    * Proving the possibility of a quick exit to positive cash flow.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  • Full name: Infrastructure investments RVC LLC.
  • Abbreviated name: RVC InfraFund LLC.
  • Authorized capital: 1.1 billion rubles.
  • The planned size of the authorised capital value: 2 billion rubles.
  • Founders: JSC "RVC", OJSC "MSP Bank"
  • Operation period of InfraFund: no restrictions (indefinitely).
  • InfraFund invests together with private investors.
  • Investments may be granted only to Russian economic societies.
  • InfraFund provides a first round investment of no more than 75% of the investment needs of the infrastructure of the company, to an amount not to exceed 100 million. rub. Specified investment contribution by InfraFund, to the Portfolio Company, may be allowed in cash, property forms, either in the form of an amendment to the Charter capital of patents and/or licenses, having been confirmed through independent assessment.
  • InfraFund allows any legal and financial conditions permitted by current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • InfraFund considers the projects directly from originators or sponsors, as well as private investors.
  • Investment decisions are taken by  the Investment Committee (Board).

Investment Portfolio

Development and production of equipment based on magnetic processes

Expansion of the activities of the Engineering Centre are the basis of LLC «RAM», on new technolog

Establishment of the company with the main activity of planned commercialization of innovation: the

Advice on the full-cycle technology commercialization process, from technological audit to attractin

All portfolio companies


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