Investment Portfolio

The project aims at finalisation of the development and commercialization of innovative technology,

Creation of new non-allergenic “green” natural “Ekoblesk” series detergents

Development of a new technology of production of multicrystalline silicon.

Creation of a network of installations and provision of services for cleaning railway tanks of gases

Completion of the development and commercialization of a range of innovative software and hardware t

Manufacture of “Flexible wheel” wheel sets for rail freight cars with a radically new design.

Development and commercialization of molecular and electronic seismic sensors

Personal identification system based on voice biometrics in security and anti-theft systems.

LiveTrade innovative trading platform/«Cognitive Finance Technologies”.

Development of building insulation on the basis of honeycomb panels made of polyurethane foam.

Safe Internet: a joint-partner with telecommunications operators, rendering of SaaS services to subs

Creation of a laboratory sample and design documentation of “Sintezin” installation for the producti

ОТТВ software and hardware solution for monetization of video content.

Production and sales of diagnostic urodynamic equipment