Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation

Investment Portfolio

Three-Dimensional glass-free display with a full-screen 3D-resolution and 2D-3D video conversion.

Production of phosphoric fertilizers of activated sludge deposits, carcinogenic wastes formed within

Aelita Highly Reliable and Extremely Economical Anaesthetic Complex.

Wireless monitoring systems of climactic parameters of premises.

Line of hand-held devices and methods for invasive diagnostics of diseases, including male infertili

Arranging a series production of VIKING Series cross-country vehicles.

Balakam Company engages in the development of internet service, carrying out quick and convenient se

The project aims at finalisation of the development and commercialization of innovative technology,

Innovative technologies of PET recycling.

Creation of new non-allergenic “green” natural “Ekoblesk” series detergents

Organization of production and sales of industrial catalytic air heaters (CAH).

Commercialization of industrial technology and equipment for thermochemical conversion of biomass in

Development, production and commercialization of medical devices for the diagnosis of cardiovascular

Development of a new technology of production of multicrystalline silicon.

Development of the original vaccine medication against pathogenic streptococcus.

Creation of a network of installations and provision of services for cleaning railway tanks of gases

Completion of the development and commercialization of a range of innovative software and hardware t

Manufacture of “Flexible wheel” wheel sets for rail freight cars with a radically new design.

Development and commercialization of molecular and electronic seismic sensors

Personal identification system based on voice biometrics in security and anti-theft systems.

Development and market launch of iMotion wireless motion controller, which is an invention for the v

LiveTrade innovative trading platform/«Cognitive Finance Technologies”.

Creation of “laser drawing” PAC - a means of automation of drawings of buildings/structures (flo

Development and creation of transdermal nanotransportation systems for the production of professiona

Innovative biodegradable chitosan nanofibre wound dressing with “HitoPran Ultra” medicinal substance

Development of new generation of efficient low-speed generators for wind power plants and small hydr

Systems for monitoring of the condition of engineering structures through the use of special algorit

Development of building insulation on the basis of honeycomb panels made of polyurethane foam.

Pervy Virtualny LTD, operating under the Tekmi brand, is the first company in Russia, providing “uni

Activated fine powders for ceramics and coatings.

Equipment for waste-free processing of off-quality reinforced concrete structures into recyclable bu

Production of microsilica of rice hulls based on a clean technology.

Production and implementation of small-scale mechanization means for painting the exterior surface o

Safe Internet: a joint-partner with telecommunications operators, rendering of SaaS services to subs

SiM Information and Printing System. Implementation of a new class of services for Internet and smar

Creation of a laboratory sample and design documentation of “Sintezin” installation for the producti

Production of SMART DESK multi-function automated computerized desks.

Development and commercialization of a remote physiologic monitoring system

ОТТВ software and hardware solution for monetization of video content.

Development of innovative technology of production of shaped crystals of thermoelectric materials.

Online content rating system, based on the guaranteed receipt of feedback and comments.

Industrial production of “Viogel” wound coverings

Production and sales of diagnostic urodynamic equipment