To Project Authors

The Principles of Selection

Is your company a great fit with the RVC Seed Fund? Are you an innovative company whose activity is focused on the priority areas of science, technology and solutions development? Or are you involved in creating products that are on the List of Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be eligible for venture funding by the RVC Seed Fund. The fund reviews investment projects, submitted solely by the venture partners, registered in accordance with the Regulation on the System of Venture Partners of RVC Seed Fund Ltd.

The fund provides up to 75% of the amount of investment needs of an innovative company in the first round of investment. Amounts do not exceed 25 million rubles.

When evaluating and selecting innovative companies, the fund takes into account the following criteria:

  • the potential for significant growth of the innovative company
  • compliance by the innovative company with the fund's investment declaration
  • a skilled team for the project
  • a transparent structure of ownership of the innovative company

Preliminary project analysis

Venture partners of the RVC Seed Fund perform the preliminary analysis. They analyze public information, study comments from project originators, experts and specialists in the innovative company as well as solicit opinions of the innovative company's partners. A complex feasibility study of the innovative project is initiated.

Thorough inspection of the innovative companies

This includes a professional analysis and appraisal of the innovative company, detailed preparation to make reliable conclusions about the project including its investment attractiveness and the reliability of the provided information.

Growth of an innovative company

In accordance with the terms of the investment, venture partners may coordinate work with portfolio companies with the assistance of the RVC Seed Fund Ltd. Partners may also take measures to improve the portfolio companies’ capitalization (estimated market value), and may participate in determining the extent and form of involvement in management and the operations of portfolio companies.

Venture partners, if it is provided for in the terms of the investment deal, may take an active role in the management of portfolio companies and, along with their management may contribute fully to the growth of the portfolio companies and their commercialization.

Exiting from an investment company

The process of increasing the capitalization of a portfolio company can take one to five years, when then the possibility of exit from the project is considered either through the sale of shares/stakes to a strategic investor or a venture capital fund, or through the repurchase by the company's management.

Venture partners, in cooperation with the fund, may create opportunities for RVC Seed Fund Ltd. to exit from the portfolio company in a timely manner.

The resolution of the fund's investment committee on withdrawal from the portfolio company is based on a number of factors, including achieving considerable results in implementation of its innovative potential, analysis of the dynamics of the market sector development or the appearance of a strategic buyer of the portfolio company.