RVC Seed Fund

About the Fund

RVC Seed Fund Ltd. (RVC Seed Fund) was established on October 22, 2009 in implementation of the Basic Provisions of RVC Strategy.

RVC Seed Fund includes RVC (99,9%) and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (0,1%).

RVC Seed Fund is focused on investing in Russian innovative companies with high growth potential in domestic and foreign innovation and technology markets.

Tasks of the Fund

  • encouraging the development of the area of seed venture capital investments in Russia;
  • promoting the creation of a network of venture partners for seed funds in order to maximize the involvement of professional managers, experts and angel investors in the creation of new technology companies;
  • creating conditions for the continuous flow of transactions in venture capital funds, including those created with the involvement of resources of RVC;
  • significant increase in the quantity and quality of small technology businesses, claiming later for venture capital investments from investor angels and early stage funds.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  1. The Fund operated assets volume is up to 2 billion rubles;
  2. Term of fund's functioning is unlimited;
  3. The Fund invests money jointly with private investors;
  4. The Fund provides not more than 75% of investment amount of the need of the innovative company in money and not more than RUB 25 mln. in the first round;
  5. The Fund permits any legal and financial transaction terms and conditions permitted by the laws of the Russian Federation;
  6. The Fund cooperates with the system of venture partners;
  7. The Investment Decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee (Management Board);

The activities of the fund are carried out with the participation of venture partners and project proponents, interested in obtaining seed investments and having access to scientific, material and technical, and financial resources, necessary for the activities of the venture partners.

Investment Portfolio

Creation of a laboratory sample and design documentation of “Sintezin” installation for the prod

Development and commercialization of molecular and electronic seismic sensors

Creation of new non-allergenic “green” natural “Ekoblesk” series detergents

Creation of a network of installations and provision of services for cleaning railway tanks of gases

All portfolio companies


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