Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation

Investment Portfolio

Creation of a specialized radiation processing center in the Vladimirsk Region in the Stavrovo Techn

Conducted 3 phases of clinical studies of the anti-obesity preparation Reolizin.

In the course of the project a company has been created that distributes essential equipment and cap

Development and commercialization of "ExoAthlet" exoskeleton

A company rendering a broad spectrum of services in selecting, processing, characterizing, storing,

An organization with laboratory-manufacturing capabilities for developing and manufacturing mono- an

Development and manufacture of devices allowing the display of heat anomalies in human tissue, to a

Analysis and transfer of statistical forms of morbidity and mortality

Manufacture of microchips for determining blood immunoglobulins.

The prepared food media planned for production consist of multi-component complex, liquid, semiliqui

Creation of a network of medical centers in Russia for developing personalized medicine, based on th

A center for biomedical and preclinical studies of medicinal preparations according to GLP internati