Investment strategy

The investment policy is aimed at obtaining income from the Biofund’s investment resources.

The Biofund’s investment strategy consists of investing into registered capital of Russian companies whose infrastructure is of the nature of services, or into innovative companies in the biopharmaceutical sector of the Russian economy.

Sector specialization

The Biofund’s resources may be invested in

  • service companies (hereafter SC) that specialize in providing technological, research, consulting, manufacturing, and/or informational-analytical services to innovative companies in the sectors of the biotechnological, pharmaceutical, or medical industry and that have specialists with the relevant qualifications on their staff;
  • innovative biopharmaceutical companies (hereafter IBC) whose activities correspond to one of the priority thrusts for the development of science, technology, and engineering in the RF, or whose products are listed in the pharmaceutical or medical biotechnologies that correspond to items in the Listing of Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation. 
  • rights in results of intellectual activity (for later inclusion in the authorized capital of SC and/or IBC).