The National Rating of Russian Fast-growing Technology Companies TechUp

The National Rating of Russian Fast-growing Technology Companies TechUp

TechUp has been formed annually since 2012 and is aimed at finding, monitoring and promoting promising fast-growing technology companies that have high leadership potential in both the Russian and global markets. Such companies, the so-called “technological gazelles” capable of creating fundamentally new technologies and forming new markets, play an important role in the development of the Russian economy.

Despite the high qualification criteria for participating companies, their number is growing every year - currently, there are 220 companies in the rating database. About 70% of the participants of the previous rating successfully export and sell their products in the markets of highly developed countries.

Participation in the rating will provide companies with additional opportunities for obtaining support from development institutions, access to participation in advisory bodies of relevant government departments, and increasing brand awareness. In addition, companies and their projects that correspond to the priority areas of the National Technology Initiative will be able to receive further support through the instruments of NTI.

The TechUp annual rating was organized by the Russian Venture Company (RVC) in partnership with the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) with the support of PwC, which developed the methodology for the rating, and MSP Bank. In 2015, HSE joined the project as a partner.


  • Providing a system for selecting, diagnostics, routing promising companies and NTI projects through the TechUp rating;
  • The implementation of the selection and inclusion in the “National Champions” of companies from the TechUp rating that are promising for NTI;
  • Formation of a package of support measures for "National Champions", rules and criteria for the participation of companies in the project;
  • Implementation of individual analysis of companies and the formation of plans for entering global markets;
  • The launch of an analytical research rating on the information base that identifies problems and factors in the development of technology companies in the Russian Federation.

The TechUp rating solves the problem of not only finding the most successful technology companies but also improving the innovative business environment - increasing its transparency, identifying best practices based on which tools can be designed to further develop the market. In this regard, the wide regional representation of the rating participants, the ability to analyse the level of innovative activity in various territories, are of particular importance. Work in this direction should contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial climate in Russia, the growth of labour productivity and an increase in the investment attractiveness of the national market.

“The TechUp Rating solves the problem of both finding the most successful technology companies and improving the innovative business environment. RVC actively interacts with all participants in the rating and provides them with comprehensive support in the framework of NTI, investment activity, interaction with state corporations and development institutions. We are also open to proposals from companies for expanding affordable support tools,” said Deputy General Director - Director for Development of the Innovation Infrastructure of RVC Mikhail Antonov.

Since 2016, TechUp is the official tool for searching and selecting technology companies to participate in the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia “Support for private high-tech leading companies” (“National Champions”). The project aims to provide focused support to companies in various industries that have significant potential to gain domestic and foreign markets. To date, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has selected 62 companies in the rating, and this year an additional 20-30 new companies will be selected based on new data.


The rating methodology was developed in 2013 and modified in 2015. It was developed using PwC's international experience in conducting such research, as well as analysing the most relevant and authoritative international research and ratings of innovative companies, including: The Most Innovative Companies 2012 (The Boston Consulting Group), The World's Most Innovative Companies (Forbes), TOP 100 Global Innovators 2012 (Thompson Reuters), The Global Innovation 1000 study of R&D spending (Booz&Co), Technology Fast 50 – Technology, Media, Telecom 2012 (Deloitte), How Companies Approach Innovation (McKinsey Global Survey).


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