The National Champions Project for the Support of Private High-tech Companies-leaders

The National Champions Project for the Support of Private High-tech Companies-leaders

The purpose of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "Support for private high-tech leading companies" is to ensure the rapid growth of domestic private high-tech export-oriented companies, leaders in development rates, and assist in the formation of transnational Russian-based companies on their basis.

The planning horizon of the project is calculated until the end of 2020. The selected participants will be supported in the form of organizational assistance in gaining access to existing state instruments, including within the framework of development institutions, as well as providing information and consulting support for the projects of leading companies both in developing their activities within the country and in expanding into the world market.

In 2016, the Council of the project was formed, which included experts from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade including external experts, including representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, RVC, ASI, HSE, Russian Export Centre, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Innovation Assistance Fund, Development Fund industry and other stakeholders.

The selection of companies is based on the existing TechUspekh rating - the Russian rating of rapidly developing high-tech companies, which has been formed since 2012 with the support of RVC JSC.

The selection of companies in the project of the Ministry is focused on companies with annual revenues from 500 million to 30 billion roubles.

Project Objectives

Ensuring the rapid growth of domestic private high-tech export-oriented leading companies and the formation of transnational Russian companies on their basis.

RVC provides methodological, analytical support for the project, assists companies in developing advanced growth strategies.

The operator of the National Champions project is the Institute of Innovation Management at HSE.

Selection Procedures

The selection of companies participating in the project is based on the national rating of the fast-growing high-tech companies TehUspekh. With those who met the criteria of the National Champions Project, in-person expert sessions were held, which allowed assessing the development potential of companies for the next 5-10 years.

In 2017, the second selection of the participants of the priority project “National Champions” was held. The winners were 32 companies selected among the winners of the TechUspekh-2017 Rating. Thus, the list of participants of the National Champions project has been expanded to 62 companies, taking into account the thirty of them selected in 2016.

Support Measures

Selected companies within the project are provided with support in the form of organizational assistance to gain access to existing government support mechanisms, including:

  • support for entering foreign markets,
  • assistance in integrating companies into the procurement system of state-owned companies and public sector organizations,
  • assistance in the formation and implementation of a corporate strategy of rapid growth, expanding the geography of sales markets and increasing the scale of the company.

Taking into account the proposals of the companies, changes in the regulatory framework are initiated to eliminate administrative barriers, and a set of tools to support innovation is updated.


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