Export Accelerator of NTI Companies

Export Accelerator of NTI Companies

The export accelerator of the NTI companies is a unique program for preparing fast-growing technology companies to enter the Asian markets, conducted by RVC in a strategic partnership with PwC.

Participation in the program will give Russian technology companies access to fast and efficient tools to promote products in Asian markets. The first accelerator season will be focused on companies that have products or technological solutions for the Big Data, IoT, AI segments.

The main value proposition of the accelerator:

  • Consultations of specialized technology experts to assess the export potential of the company's products for the target market;
  • Establishing contacts with qualified partners and customers in the target market;
  • Accelerated development and implementation of a business plan to get access to the expert network of the project;
  • Access to additional services and services of development institutions and partners.


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