Support of integrators for scientific communities — 2016

Support of integrators for scientific communities — 2016

The project aims to support activities uniting representatives of the scientific communities, the activities are focused on a narrow professional audience as well as to improve the competencies of the initiators / organizers of such events. Also, the objective of the project is to stimulate the interaction of communities with one other and the involvement of students and young people in their activities.

Communities — informal associations of representatives of promising research directions (primarily among young scientists) as well as representatives of the informal associations of technological areas and specialties.

The priority of scientific and technical areas of the project:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Quantum technologies;
  • Robotics.

Target audience:

  • Participants of scientific and specialized communities;
  • Pupils and students.

Project objectives

The development of active sites of integration of scientific and highly specialized communities to ensure their communication with other communities and technology business.

Project tasks

  • The integration of scientific and highly specialized communities and their interaction with different types of stakeholders;
  • Support for interdisciplinary interaction of communities;
  • Development and distribution of successful formats of communities' work and their programs;
  • Interaction of scientific and specialized communities with investors and technology business;
  • Involvement of students and pupils in various communities;
  • Expert cooperation, suggesting the promotion of the key messages and the RVC initiatives, as well as provision of speakers and techno-evangelists on the topics of new jobs and markets;
  • Involvement of community active members in the working groups of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

The project content

  1. Collection and analysis of information as per the plans for community development, and the development of competencies they need, as well as the competencies they possess and are willing to share with other participants in the project.
  2. Master classes, exchange of experiences, interaction with business.
  3. Financial, expert, and methodical support of communities. Ensuring promotion of agenda and relevant experts, as well as communication with the target audience of the project at community events.

The provisional list of events:

  • Conference on quantum technologies;
  • FutureBiotech — Biotechnology of the future;
  • Moscow School of bioinformatics;
  • Projects with Sirius — educational centre and science park;
  • Conference "Hacker";
  • I do research;
  • Technoclass (Kazan) (Hackathon on UAV);
  • Go To Camp School of Robotics, summer camps on programming;
  • Events of the Moscow University of Technology (Hackathon on UAV);
  • A series of activities of the project "Professional after-school club";
  • Projects of Evolution Fund to work with the teachers;
  • Hackathon of the Incubator of Higher School of Economics for Neurotechnology.