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Analyse activities of the science and technology museums and centers for the promotion of science — 2016

Analyse activities of the science and technology museums and centers for the promotion of science — 2016

Museums in the developed countries are not just pure museums - expositions of exhibits and achievements. They resemble hubs that gather the interested audience and promote a great number of science communication formats. Oftener — foundation of community — young people, family. In general, the concept of a modern scientific museum is setup at the intersection of exhibition and interactive communication with the target audience. Fablabs and circles appear on the museum base; museums become conductors of citizen science.

In Russia, the main problems of development of science, technology and natural-science museums are not only in insufficient funds for acquisition and manufacturing of the exhibit items, but also in lack of necessary competences in employees.

This infrastructure project is the first step to develop new interactive formats of communication with the young people and different communities based at the existing museums that work with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The first part of the project is the research, search for the best foreign and Russian practice, arrangement of specialized conference and creation of the educational program.

Identify the community of museum enthusiasts is a separate project task. Who are those people who can change traditional work formats of the science and technology museums? What resources are insufficient? Are there a lot of such active members? and is it necessary to join them? The project doesn't imply to finance big long-term initiatives that require significant resources. The effort will be focused on educational and networking events for the specialized community; consulting of the existing museum projects, in particular on selection and distribution of both Russian and international best practices in work with the museum audience.

Project Purpose

Project purpose is to develop museum community, stimulation of the experience exchange, creation of the efficient environment to implement interactive projects and practices that accelerates interest of children and young people to scientific activity.

Project tasks

  • Analysis of the status and dynamics in the field of science, technology and natural science museums and centers for the promotion of science;
  • Development of the community of museum enthusiasts — founders of museums and museum concepts, employees of new type who create formats that involve the audience;
  • Analysis of the most successful Russian and foreign formats of communication with the audience base at the centers for the promotion of science that are worth to be taken as examples for distribution;
  • Making a list of center for the promotion of science — potential participants of the program supporting interactive formats and suggestions on the possible formats of work with the audience of such centers;
  • Development of the educational program that will be implemented on the next project phase;
  • Arrangement and holding of a specialized conference.