Media accelerator

Media accelerator

In order to ensure technological breakthrough on new markets in the medium and long-term, it is necessary to create an appropriate infrastructure including informational infrastructure – to stimulate and to maintain interest in science and technology, mainly, among young people, to develop new open sources related to new professions, vocational-oriented services, to develop tools that increase transparency of the venture market.

RVC has been implementing similar projects from 2012, and in 2014, the project was transformed to Media accelerator. The project is aimed at support of special projects and organization of internships for mass media publishers selected for participation in the accelerator, workshops and master classes for media managers, organization of the industry conference devoted to innovation media and digital formats (MediaMakers).

The project continues RVC’s activities related to support of the informational infrastructure for new markets, however, in 2016, the program will be oriented at several new thematic tracks compared to the previous year.

Objective of the project

Stimulation of interest of target audiences in science, educational and career opportunities in the field of promising technologies by the development of the specific informational infrastructure, namely centres for creation of thematic content and specialized communication channels, their editorial, audience and business components.

Project tasks

  • Supporting centres for creation of the high quality content related to thematic tracks;
  • Stimulating growth of the audience of the venues included in the media accelerator program;
  • Assistance in determination of business models and commercialization of new thematic media;
  • Providing relevant informational partners for other large RVC projects;
  • Seeding thematic content in mass media through the resources of niche media.

Results 2015:

  • 16 mass media including 4 regional media have passed the acceleration program;
  • 600 participants attended MediaMaker thematic conference;
  • More than 20 mass media became participants of the programs under which 4 network meetings, 8 educational seminars and mentor sessions for three projects participating in the program were held.


In 2014, joint projects with 12 different media outlets were implemented. They included 2 popular science media outlets (Biomolecula, Postnauka), 3 innovation and venture media outlets (Theory and Practice, Rusbase.vс,, 2 IT media outlets (SiliconRus, HabaraHabr), two educational media outlets (, Blog of a school’s know-it-all), 3 hyperlocal media resources (Business Petersburg, Big city, Accelerator program ensured high sustainability of field-specific media projects: development program participants attracted more than 8 commercial partners for support of the projects launched within the project accelerator till the end of 2015. Accelerator format of work with field-specific media proved its efficiency and will be applied to other projects.

In 2015, the project was continued with the updated themes. The following media resources and communication venues were selected for participation in the project: outlets and venues specializing in popular science and technology, IT community as well as educational services and regional media outlets with large audience interested in development of popular science and vocational-oriented agenda of their resources. Thanks to the work of Media Accelerator, more than 15 Media projects devoted to popularization of engineering and technical creativity, science and new technology were launched.

Another important focus area that also fits into the task pool of the media accelerator project is creation of niche media projects in big mass media. System support of development of such centres by RVC has resulted in big media placing orders with field-specific media for a content related to Venture capital investment, technology entrepreneurship, and science. This helps to extend the audience tenfold, to promote themes of business-angel activity, corporate venture investment, and popular-scientific content.

Following are the examples of successful joint projects where content of field-specific media resources is adopted by big media: Firrma; Rating of business angels; Rating of accelerators. It's also worth noting special projects with media of different sizes that participated in the RVC development projects ("Knowledge and practice for innovators" on T&P ((, "Where science-driven business comes from" on the popular-scientific resource "Postnauka" ( feature sections in the RVC newspaper, on internet portal (RVC innovation section, ("Future Business" section, radio stations Business FM, Commersant FM, “Govorit Moskva”, in “Trade secret” business journal, etc.

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