Tech Park program — 2015

Tech Park program — 2015

Tech Park Program, whose first issue went on air in 2010, is the reference format of the popularization of success stories of technology entrepreneurs.

From 2013, the main heroes of Tech Park are the companies - finalists of the Tech Success rating. From 2014, besides the Tech Success rating winners, the companies from the National competition-accelerator of technology projects Generation S, also participated in the broadcast.

It is important, not only to create an ecosystem that joins scientists-researchers, businessmen and investors, but also to support its connection with the public, for the successful development of the innovation environment. 130 minutes of success stories, on the federal TV channel, with an audience of more than 50 million people and 100% coverage of the Russian territory, is a powerful instrument of demonstration, of young and promising teams and their developments. Russian innovators invited to the shooting, have an opportunity to apply to existing and potential investors, to market regulators, to attract their attention to the problems preventing business development.

More than 200 stories on technology entrepreneurship went on air from the first broadcasting. Audience size, covered by the broadcast on Russia 24, was about 9 million people for the first six months of 2015.

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