Development program for the specific content generation centers (Media-accelerator) — 2015

Development program for the specific content generation centers (Media-accelerator) — 2015

A complex development program for niche media platforms, generating popular science, technology and educational content. It is expected that the project participants will experience growth in both economical resistance and audience, and manager and editor competence.

RVC has held such events since 2012, and in 2014, the development program transformed to the so called media accelerator. It is sustained with the support of interesting sections and special projects and organization of short-term, advanced, training for Media publishers are included in the accelerator, master-classes and workshops for media managers, industry conferences of innovation media and digital formats.

In 2014, joint projects with 12 different media resources were implemented. They included 2 popular science media resources (Biomolecula, Postnauka), 3 innovation and venture media resources (Theory and Practice, Rusbase.vс,, 2 IT media resources (SiliconRus, HabaraHabr), two educational media resources (, Blog of school know-all) and 3 hyperlocal media resources (Business Petersburg, Big city, The accelerator program ensured a high instance of organic media projects: development program participants involved more than 8 commercial partners in total, for the purpose of support of the projects launched within the accelerator program through to the end of 2015. The accelerator format of work with specific media proved its efficiency and will be promoted for other projects.

In 2015, the project was continued with updated themes. The following media resources are selected for participation in the projects: popular science and technology, IT community, educational services and regional media resources with large audiences interested in the development of popular science and professional orientation of their resources. Thanks to Media Accelerator work, launch of 10 Media projects, devoted to popularization of engineering and technical creativity, science and technology, is ensured.

Another important focus area, that also fits into the task pull of the media accelerator projects, is the creation of projects in the wider mass media, based on the niche media resources. System support of development of such centers, by RVC, has resulted in big media resources requesting specific media content for themes related to Venture capital investment, technology business and science. It helps to significantly expand audiences, promote themes of business-angel activity, corporate venture investment, and popular science content.

Successful joint projects where content of specific media resources were adopted by major media - Firrma; Top business angels –; Top accelerators – It's worth noting that special projects, with media of different sizes, who participated in the RVC development projects ("Knowledge and practice for innovators" on T&P),  "Where science-driven business comes from" on the popular science resource "Postnauka"), feature sections in the RVC newspaper, on the internet portal (RVC innovation section, ("Future Business" section, radio stations Business FM, Commersant FM, «Moscow speaks», in «Trade secret» business journal, etc.

In the coming season, Business FM listeners will become acquainted with one more mass media project created by the niche team. "Laboratory of new professions", in intellectual partnership with RVC, will launch a set of broadcasts "Let them teach me" - the presenters will tell about the professions and professionals, demand for which will be high, in the labour market, within 10 successive years. 

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