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Development of communication infrastructure of the innovation and venture market

Development of communication infrastructure of the innovation and venture market

The initiative is aimed at creating conditions for development of communication infrastructure on two levels:

1. Content generation centers, channels and stages for internal and external communications (mas media, events, science and technology museums, information hubs, etc.);
2. People who are proxies and carriers of the popularization agenda (visionaries and evangelists of new markets, technology experts, science and technology promoters, science communicators, journalists).

Instruments and opportunities formed at the communication infrastructure level will serve as a base for the implementation of both the program for the popularization of new technology markets and for a greater number of initiatives implemented as a part of NTI roadmaps by the other development institutions and market players.

Furthermore, formats and competencies created in the process of implementation of the infrastructure projects will set up a base for implementation of more large-scale projects focused not only at involvement of target audience in the innovation activity, but also at development of public perception of new technologies and markets.


1. Development of infrastructure for direct communication with the target audience and preparation of reference popularization formats.

2. Development of a pool of evangelists, promoters and journalists oriented to new markets and technologies.

Key Projects:

The activity support program aimed at vocational guidance, promotion of new markets and technological entrepreneurship

The program aims at the systematic supporting and the development of companies' teams, which are the initiators / organizers of events, relevant to the project theme.