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Program for popularization of new technology markets

Program for popularization of new technology markets

The objective of the program is to ensure engagement of the active part of society in innovation activity and to develop positive public image in relation to new markets and technologies.

The program should provide system communication support for the process of creation and development of new technologies and industries.

Program implementation levels:

  • identification of technological and ethics barriers and search for ways to overcome them;
  • development of a message to popularize new markets and innovation activity;
  • development of communication infrastructure;
  • preparation of the popularization reference formats and models, their pilot implementation;
  • work with the active communities and associations (establishment support and acceleration).

Focus in the Program in 2016 will be placed on motivation of the potential players of the new markets, development of human and social capital, improvement of information communication of various groups and associations - innovation ecosystem participants.


1. Ensuring preparation of the agenda for the popularization of new technological markets and innovations.

2. Development of communication infrastructure of the innovation and venture market;

3. Popularization of new professions, educational and career paths in the area of science and technology among young people;

4. Engagement of the active maker, professional, scientific and other associations in development of new markets and technologies.

Key results

  • 50,000
    people attended technical creativity festivals, organized in the framework of development of technology enthusiasts' communities
  • 222.3
    RUB billion the total revenue of companies of the "TechUp" rating
  • 290
    authors took part in the VI All-Russian competition of innovative journalism Tech in Media 2016
  • 600
    representatives of the new media participated in the annual conference MediaMakers'2016
  • 100+
    participants from 26 cities of Russia attended the conference "Opened!", dedicated to the development of science and technology museums
  • 30
    activities of the "Communication Laboratory" project was held in 2016, including academic schools, master classes and lectures

Program initiatives

Preparation of the agenda for the popularization of new technological markets and innovations

Objective of the initiative is to set up an agenda for popularization, promotion of the educational and career path to address human resources demand on new technology markets.

Development of communication infrastructure of the innovation and venture market

Objective of the initiative is to develop content generation sources and centers, communication channels with specific audience and promising popularization formats.

Key Projects:

The activity support program aimed at vocational guidance, promotion of new markets and technological entrepreneurship

Involvement of successful technology companies and specialized associations in new markets development

Initiative objective is to establish a "communication office" for work with the specialized associations.

Key Projects:

TechUp rating of the Russian high tech companies

Support to establishment of associations oriented at new markets

Initiative objective is to accelerate associations of new market participants.

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