Regional sessions of practical consulting (RSPC)

Regional sessions of practical consulting (RSPC)

Regional sessions of practical consulting (RSPC) are RVC educational courses aimed at creating a regional innovation ecosystem and developing regional entrepreneurship in high tech area. Free educational intensive sessions allow regional start-ups to obtain necessary information for development and further commercialization of a project, while investors gain insight into the most promising ideas for investment.

RPCS have already been in operation for eight years. The program was started in 2008. Since that time about 160 regional practical consulting sessions have been held. About 11,000 people have gained knowledge and practical skills. The program is organized by RVC and coordinated by Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Education.

Target audience:

  • CEOs and Deputy CEOs of small and medium (innovative) enterprises;
  • Prospective and practising innovating managers;
  • Venture capital funds, business angel communities, regional innovation centres;
  • Innovation territorial clusters, techno parks, business accelerators;
  • Universities, research institutes, engineering centres;
  • Government institutions and organizations.

Project objective:

Creating a set of measures to combine educational and consulting activities aimed at developing various infrastructural projects and providing conditions for their successful operation. Integrating objects of regional infrastructure (regional venture capital funds, clusters, industrial parks, business incubators, engineering centres) into a coherent innovation ecosystem.

Benefits of the program:

For partners:

  • Cooperation with federal development institutions;
  • Access to federal acceleration programs.

For participants:

  • Practical workshops;
  • Cooperation with business representatives and investors;
  • Team building and personal growth;
  • Certificates, confirming the completion of RSPC educational programs;
  • Expert individual consultations.

The participants of the program within two-three days acquire practical knowledge of project development, gain useful contacts and explore new opportunities.

  • Project managers will prepare an investment presentation in the format of Seed Forum International Foundation, familiarize themselves with global practices that were used by Apple, Samsung, Facebook to pass through the necessary stages of fund raising, patenting and creating business value;
  • The investors will observe company case study in operation while the companies' representatives will be provided with feedback from the investors and experts.
  • The entrepreneurs jointly with the experts of venture market will discuss business support programs pursuant to global investment practices and demonstrate their projects to potential partners and investors;
  • The best projects will move to GenerationS pre-accelerator, bypassing the preliminary selection stage.

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