International meeting of business angels Volga Angels — 2016

International meeting of business angels Volga Angels — 2016

The international meeting of business-angels "Volga Angels", organized by RVC, held on September 23-24 in Samara region, which became one of the central events of the year for the venture community. The event brought together about 300 participants, among whom there were the largest Russian private investors, representatives of the international investment community, technology entrepreneurs, representatives of authorities and infrastructure to support innovation. As a result of "Volga Angels", a number of start-ups have reached agreements with investors.

During the two days of "Volga Angels", there were more than 30 roundtable talks, discussions and seminars dedicated to the bringing of projects to the international market, structuring and syndicating deals. The experts and participants discussed the issues of searching projects for investment, in particular, a characteristic problem for business angels — the small number of zero-stage projects. In addition, the National Association of Business Angels (NABA) conducted special workshops for private investors on the following topics: "How to become a business angel?" & "Creation of a club of business angels".

One of the key parts of the meeting's program was a pitch-session of technology start-ups, upon results of which there were made a few deals. In particular, one of the projects decided not to participate in the general session, since during the meeting they agreed on investment with a business-angel from among the participants. During the main pitch-session, two Russian start-ups attracted the attention of the President of the European Business Angels Association Candace Johnson: as a result, one of them will get a strategic partner to enter the US and European markets, the other project was invited to the talks about investing in the product improvements. Another start-up was invited to New York by Lyudmila Golubkova to undergo a three-month Starta Accelerator program.

Project objective:

Extension and support of the Russian community of professional private venture investors and entrepreneurs: arrangement and maintenance of the efficient platforms for exchange of experience between the venture funds and representatives of the corporate sector, communication between private and venture investors and entrepreneurs that have projects perspective for investments as well as increase of transparency and accessibility of the venture investment market.

Project purposes:

  • Increase of professional skills of private and venture investors, business angels;
  • Increase professional skills of community - managers, executives of the business angels’ community;
  • Development of a single standard for activities of the business angels’ community;
  • Development of network associations that promote the established standards and provide system support to business angels’ activities;
  • Development of communication venues for the venture industry participants;
  • Presentation of startup projects.


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