Tech Days — 2016

Tech Days — 2016

For the presentation of new technological trends and ensuring effective dialogue with corporations, together with the RVC entrepreneurs, Firrma launches a series of Tech Days industry events with the participation of the owners and top managers of large companies, venture investors, market experts and the most successful current start-ups.

The task is to answer the question: what technology and what start-ups does large business really need?

The project consists of two parts. The first one is the creation of Expert Centre in which business visionaries will form the technological agenda of the events.

The second part is the Tech Days industry events, which demonstrate a technology landscape to large businesses in the relevant industry and the actual demand from corporations for technology and development and to start-ups.

In 2016, Tech Days will focus on new technologies in the field of agriculture (Tech Days AGRO), energy (Tech Days ENERGY), gaming and entertainment industries (Tech Days GAMES), metal processing and mining technologies (Tech Days MINING).


The program of each event will include the following formats:

  • information about the technological state of the market and an overview of the current trends in Russia and around the world;
  • discussion with the participation of companies and experts (investors, scientists and entrepreneurs working in a relevant sector) as to corporations' interest in new products and developments;
  • discussion of competitive advantages of domestic products and technologies; areas of potential global superiority of Russia;
  • success story of technology companies that have achieved success in the Russian and global markets;
  • presentations (by start-ups).


29.09.2016 Tech Days AGRO
19.10.2016 Tech Days ENERGY
16.11.2016 Tech Days GAMES
12.12.2016 Tech Days MINING

Project purposes:

  • to arrange the constant process of interaction between all venture market entities;
  • inform companies about new technologies and provide access for the companies to the experts' evaluation of technologies;
  • make actual requests for technologies from the companies to start-ups.

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