Educational program for innovation development and corporate venture investment — 2016

Educational program for innovation development and corporate venture investment — 2016

For Russian companies, the creation of corporate venture funds and the concept of open innovations is a new practice and so far Russian innovative business in a number of large Russian companies demonstrates the unwillingness of management to apply this mechanism.

Meanwhile, the company's global leadership is due to many years of experience of cooperation with small innovative teams and formation of internal corporate governance of technological development. That is what enables the real fight against the inertia of large companies, allowing to react quickly to market demands, create new products and technologies.

Based on the international and Russian experience, RVC organizes a new educational program that provides a comprehensive understanding of the venture capital market and obtaining hands-on experience in innovation management as a result of work with the specific profile innovative projects.

Program results

Once the participants have passed the program, they will be develop corporate innovation management concepts and corporate venture investment, which in particular, are designed to optimise existing and newly prepared innovative development programs (IDP). In addition, during the three classroom sessions and online courses, the participants of the program will receive:

  • skills in strategic planning and innovation management in corporations;
  • experience of cooperation with representatives of the innovation ecosystem (i.e. universities, technology parks, technology entrepreneurs, corporations, and development institutions);
  • practice of working with innovative projects of technological entrepreneurs (from search projects up to the decision to invest).

Participation in the program will be supported by certificates from Russian Venture Company.

Program objectives

Extension of the professional competences of R&D managers, the specialists for corporate venture investments management and other specialists responsible for technology development.

The program is designed for

Corporate management personnel including the companies with state participation:

  • Directors for Business Strategy and Development;
  • Chief engineers of the manufacturing enterprises;
  • Executives of the financial departments;
  • Technology Directors:
  • R&D-managers;
  • Specialists for corporate venture investments management.

Structure of the educational program

The program will be implemented in two formats: online trainings and participation in the three field project sessions focused on development of corporate venture investment principles.

Project sessions

Project sessions at which the project work will be conducted are aimed at:

  • development of concepts of the corporate innovation management and corporate venture investment for certain enterprises participating in the program;
  • receiving practical experience of innovation management as a result of work with innovation projects.
Setup Session at your choice:
  • September 21-22, Saint-Petersburg, (within the framework of Saint-Petersburg international innovation forum);
  • October 6, Moscow (location to be determined)
Session 2 October 27-28, Moscow (within the framework of Open Innovation forum)
Session 3 First decade of December, Togliatti (date and place to be determined
Online-courses October-December, according to the individual training schedule


  • «Open Innovation: theory and practice of the current business reality", Evgeniy Buff, MD, PhD, certified specialist in the field of technology licensing and transfer;
  • "Corporate venture funds", Vitaliy Vishnepolskiy (Canada), General Director of the international consulting company Martal Services and Consulting;
  • "Technological forecasts", Aleksey Borovkov, PhD, Associate Professor, Prorector for perspective projects, research advisor at the Institute of advanced production technologies, Head of the Engineering center, Professor at SPbPU of Petr the Great, Vladimir Knyagin, PhD in Law Vice-President of CSR fund, Chairman of the Executive Board of CSR "Severo-Zapad" fund.
  • "Technological brokerage: base methodology and main instruments of knowledge and competence commercialization", Igor Rozhdestvenskiy, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, PhD, Head of the Advanced Technologies Marketing Department at Engineering center "Center of computer engineering";
  • "Intellectual Property", team of the Intellectual Property Center at Skolkovo Found ("IPC "Skolkovo" LLC).

The applications for participation in the program are collected till September 30. Number of seats if limited. With all questions on submission of the applications and in order to receive additional information of the educational program: Tatyana Evdokimova +7 (901) 786-12-95