Support of the venture events — 2015

Support of the venture events — 2015

The project is aimed at the development of the experience-exchange system and the maintenance of contacts for venture investors of different stages (business angels, venture funds, corporations). It contributes to the constructive communication between the venture investors, entrepreneurs and experts and to discussions about the future of the Russian innovation ecosystem, existing investment practices and current problems of the venture market.

In 2015, in partnership with RVCA, PREQVECA, Pulsar VC, the following events were conducted:

  • XV Russian and X Kazan venture fair

    It is conducted in Kazan, annually, since 2015. The event includes an exposition of the innovation companies and a congress block, where relevant events are conducted.

  • IX Siberian venture fair

    One of the biggest contact events in the Russian market of direct and venture investment. In 2015, the fair was conducted for the third time, as a part of III International technology development forum, Technoprom - an event aimed at the formation of the science-driven economy to be ready for modern challenges.

  • III Venture Investment Forum

    Professional conference and community for finance and investment specialists in the venture markets of Russia and the CIS. The forum gathers leading players of the venture and innovation industry, for experience exchange in the area of selection of investment strategy and the use of new investment opportunities in Russia and the CIS.

Events of 2015 were attended by:

  • More than 60 private investors (business angels)
  • More than 90 venture fund representatives
  • About 50 corporate representatives

Venture Investor national award

The award was established by the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and RVC in 2014. It is granted to the leaders of the Russian venture industry - funds demonstrating high end and culture of investment activity, setting professional standards of business practices and determining the development trend of the Russian venture industry. Award nominations: Best Venture Transaction, Best Introduction, Best Venture Investor in Real Technologies, Best Regional Venture Fund, Best Syndicated Venture Transaction, Smart Money.

In 2015, the organization committee analysed the statistical data of the activity of 347 funds operating on the Russian market, 21 venture funds reached the short-list of nominees. Winners in nine main nominations were determined by voting of the jury. Bioprocess Capital Ventures fund was awarded with a diploma for the best venture transaction of early-stage of the year. Yakutia Venture Company was recognized as the best venture investor. Starta Capital Accessor Fund I was named as the discovery of the year. AddVenture became winner of the Venture Investor award in the Best Introduction nomination. The Foundation for Internet Development (FID) is recognized as the winner of the nomination Best Venture Investment on the Seed Stage. Foresight Ventures Intel Capital Partners transaction was recognized as the best syndicated transaction of the year. Managing partner of Runa Capital, Dmitriy Chikhachev became person of the year.

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