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ProVC — 2014

ProVC — 2014

ProVC is an educational program of professional development for executives of the private-and-governmental and private seed and pre-seed investment funds. The educational project is arranged, together with RVC and RVCA (Russian Venture Capital Association) in response to a request from the business community.

The ProVC program is aimed at an increase in the efficiency of the transactions approval system, optimization of the fund work with the supervising state authorities and at the arrangement of the systematic opinion-exchange of the managers of seed and pre-seed funds. Training is conducted as practical workshops. The participants discuss the existing practices, gather at panel discussions related to the vital issues of the venture funds work. Experts participate in workshops: representatives of the relevant ministries and authorities, partners and investment directors of the private and private-and-public funds, having experience of international transactions and understanding peculiarities of the Russian business models. They tell about the venture business, structure of investment transactions, search of the projects and initial selection, participation of shareholders in company management. Besides that, the methods of the company value assessment process, industry business models, scenarios of projects withdrawal and work of back-office of the investment fund were considered at the workshops.

More information of the ProVC program can be found of the RVCA website