Archive of Projects

Archive of Projects

Key Projects:

Educational program for innovation development and corporate venture investment — 2016

The program is aimed at stimulation of the Russian companies to integrate "open innovation" model, to create corporate venture funds (CVF) through extension of the professional competences of R&D managers, specialists responsible for technology development and of the specialists for corporate venture investments management in large corporations.

Tech Days — 2016

The project objective is to increase awareness of the main technological trends existing in Russia and in the world as well as extension of the professional competences of the corporate R&D managers, specialists for corporate venture investments management and specialists responsible for technology development.

Doors open in the corporations — 2016

The project is aimed at promotion of the successful experience of corporate venture investment management and use of open innovation instruments among representatives of the companies supervising issues of innovation development, corporate venture investment management, R&D and strategy development.

International meeting of business angels Volga Angels — 2016

The International meeting of Business Angels "Volga Angels" will be the central event to Russian business angel community in 2016. Two-day work program of the meeting of business angels will join more than 250 participants: private investors, members of venture capital funds, major corporations, development institutions and public authorities, as well as entrepreneurs from Russia, Europe and the US.

A number of educational events for potential and existing business angels — 2015

A number of training sessions, aimed at the development of the venture investors’ competency is conducted in Moscow and regions.

Development of the experience exchange instruments and promotion of the best corporate venture investments practices and "open innovation" — 2015

The project is aimed at the improvement of qualifications and development of key competencies of managers supervising innovation development in the companies with public ownership related to the establishment of corporate venture funds, corporate venture investment portfolio management and work with the open innovation instruments, and at replication of the successful experience in the corporate venture and extension of the professional contact network of the project.

Educational events for representatives of the companies with public ownership — 2015

This educational program results in development by the participants of the concepts of the corporate venture funds for their companies.

International Assembly of business angels — 2015

A communication platform for the professional dialog of entrepreneurs and investors from all over Russia and foreign countries offering the ability to set up business contacts, exchange experience and innovation, attract investments.

Moscow corporate venture summit — 2015

A communication platform where representatives of the big Russian and foreign corporations receive educational content and the ability to exchange experience within the panel discussions and informal meetings. Representatives of the governmental authorities, institutes for development, small technology business, venture investors and market experts actively participate in the Summit.

Ready for Equity — 2015

A specialized licensed program for training business angels and entrepreneurs in the conclusion (and recovery) of venture capital transactions.

Support of the analytical projects in the venture industry — 2015

The project is aimed at the increase of objectivity, creation and development of the presentation standards of analytical information of the venture capital industry.

Support of the venture events — 2015

The project is aimed at the development of the experience exchange system and maintenance of the professional contacts for venture investors operating in the Russian venture market; constructive dialog of development of the Russian venture ecosystem between the venture investors, entrepreneurs and experts; and keeping market participants informed of the existing practices of investments and discussions of the current problems of the venture market.

Rusbase.pipeline — 2014

An online service, based on the start-up application exchange concept, that structures investors' queries and provides access, to the businessmen and investors, to the innovation projects database. It is a moderator, due to which, transparency of the market of technology is evident and efficiency of communication is increased, both between entrepreneurs and investors and also inside the investment community.

Talk2VC — 2014

A special Talk2VC program by RVC and RUSBASE that consists of a set of instruments aimed at the development of communication of venture investors with entrepreneurs.

ProVC — 2014

Educational program of professional development for the executives and specialists of the regional seed and pre-seed investment funds.