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GenerationS industry accelerators

GenerationS industry accelerators

Initiative objective is to develop a venue for setting up corporate accelerators.

GenerationS is the biggest start-up accelerator in Russian and Eastern Europe, is conducted by RVC from 2013. During the accelerator, the best projects qualified by multi-level expertise are taken to next stage of intensive development and rich opportunities to attract investments. Since 2015, GenerationS resources have been utilised for creation of the corporate accelerators. Corporates are directly involved in qualification, expertise and acceleration of the projects based on their demands in innovation developments.

GenerationS-2015 gathered the record number of applications — 2566 projects from 14 countries. 141 projects were qualified for participation in corporate accelerators in 7 industry tracks. Furthermore, GenerationS project gathered partner network that can be compared to the RVC partner network in terms of sizes. More than 150 organizations, 60 of which are Russian and international corporations, actively interested in search for and qualification of technological solutions on the open market, are among the partners.

Objectives of the initiative

1. Monitoring of technologies, development of pipeline and increase of quality of the technological projects to the benefit of the Russian venture funds, corporations and for development of new NTI markets.

2. Development of the "open innovation" instruments in the Russian corporations including those with governmental participation through interaction of start-ups and big business.

3. Development of the regional ecosystem due to setting up of the federal standards for work with start-ups, attraction of investors to the regional projects and arrangement of experience exchange between the regions.

4. Contribution to emergence of the professional infrastructure players, track operators, including from the NTI task force participants.

5. Stimulation of demand on the part of large Russian companies for the new market technologies.

Key Projects:

GenerationS — federal competition-accelerator for technology start-ups

GenerationS is a federal accelerator for technology start-ups, in which the best projects are selected by the results of a multi-stage examination to receive intensive development and ample opportunities for investment. GenerationS has been held by RVC since 2013 with the support of Russian corporations, development institutions, and representatives of venture infrastructure. Today, GenerationS partner network includes more than 250 state organizations and commercial companies.

Программа РВК на Форуме «Открытые инновации» 2018

Форум «Открытые инновации» вновь соберёт ведущих экспертов, изобретателей и визионеров, предпринимателей и учёных, институты развития и представителей власти нескольких стран в технопарке «Сколково» с 15 по 17 октября.
РВК выступает соорганизатором Форума, большого блока деловой программы, а также проведёт Российско-Китайский форум «Инвестиции в инновации» в рамках деловой программы #ОИ2018.

Стенд Национальной технологической инициативы на Форуме «Открытые инновации» 2018

Впервые на Форуме «Открытые инновации» РВК организует стенд Национальной технологической инициативвы, на котором представит лекции и дискуссии о технологиях будущего, открытый урок НТИ, баттлы по техноэтике и многое другое.