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Development of the strategic agenda and methodological basics for development of the national innovation system

Development of the strategic agenda and methodological basics for development of the national innovation system

Within a framework of the initiative, a set of projects and events related to creation of the smart products is implemented, the target audience of these projects is as follows: Government of the Russian Federation, federal executive authorities (first of all — Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, sector ministries and authorities), regional authorities, innovation system participants and experts. It is expected to participate, through creation of intellectual products, in determination of the strategic agenda and working out of resolutions on innovation policy issues, promote the advanced ideas in the field of innovation development of Russia to the level of decision makers, in authorities and organizations — RVC strategic partners in innovation system, among experts’ community and public.

Strategy planning documents that will be in focus in 2016 is the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation for a long-term period, National Technology Initiative Strategy, Innovation Development Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2020, Social and Economic Development Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2030. It is planned, within a framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Economy Development of Russia, Open government and institutions of innovation development, to prepare the second issue of the National Report on Innovation in Russia, which publication in 2015 was positively assessed by the innovation system participants and authorities.

An important focus area will be analytical support of the National technology initiative. It is expected not only to actively participate in development of the National Technology Initiative Strategy, but also to ensure necessary analytics for further development of both separate roadmaps and NTI in general, make research in the field of social, cultural, technological and ethics barriers for development of new markets and industries, analysis of innovation infrastructure in considering NTI objectives, to provide analytical base for development of the regional NTI policy, to assess opportunities of the companies with state participation implementing innovation development programs for participation in NTI projects.

RVC will continue its long-term work on methodological support of universities and research centers aimed at their efficient integration in the innovation processes. Focus of the other RVC project implemented on the Open Government venue will be placed on a problem related to increase of the technology transfer efficiency from the scientific organizations and universities to the commercial environment.

For the first time, RVC plans to implement a part of the analytical and research program on the grant basis, which will allow to attract the top-rank researchers and position RVC as an intellectual center in the area of venture business, technology entrepreneurship, innovation policy and network economy.

Objectives of the initiative

1. Participation in development of the strategic and program documents in the field of innovation, science and technology policy, organization of independent monitoring of the innovation policy implementation.

2. Implementation and support of the research and analytical projects in the innovation sphere.

3. Methodological support to the innovation system strategic partners.

Key Projects:

Support provided to the leading high technology companies “National Champions”

Ensuring of the outrunning growth of the national leading private high technology export-driven companies and establishing of the transnational Russian companies on their basis.