Analysis of the competitiveness and efficiency of business-incubators in Russia — 2016

Analysis of the competitiveness and efficiency of business-incubators in Russia — 2016

A study of the Russian business incubators and accelerators for UBI Global Methodology, an independent organization, specializing in the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of business incubators worldwide was launched at the initiative of RVC together with UBI Global and the HSE in October 2016.

The analysis of each incubator was made for three KPI groups: value for the ecosystem (development of regional economy, keeping talented people in the region), value for customers (development of start-ups’ competences, access to financing, assistance in bringing products to the market), attractiveness (quality of incubation services, post-incubation development of start-ups). Taken together, 40 KPI incubators are analysed, on basis of which the ranking of business incubators and benchmarking have been conducted.

The study involved more than 70 incubators and accelerators from Russia. Upon its results, the respondents will receive a brief report with their key performance indicators and comparisons with the aggregate indicators of the Russian and foreign colleagues (more than 350 organizations from 60 countries).

Based on the results of the study, a rating of business-incubators and the analytical report on the state of the industry as a whole will be prepared with the aggregated data of study participants, by comparison with the data of incubators in other countries and rating organizations that have demonstrated the highest cumulative score. The members will automatically receive the status of UBI Global Standard Member and will be included in the Global Incubation Network - the world's largest network of incubation programs. The results will be announced at the Annual RVC Forum "Innovation Ecosystem", which will be held on 5-6 December 2016 in the city of Sochi.


Improving the efficiency of business incubation and acceleration in Russia


  • Analysis of effectiveness of business incubation and acceleration in Russia
  • Comparing performances with those in other countries
  • Identifying leaders
  • Promotion of best practices: successful business models implemented by the best incubators for startups, value ideas offered by them, tools and approaches used for the screening and selection of the most promising start-ups, etc.

Application of research results

Results of the study efficiency of Russian incubators and accelerators will allow getting a real picture of the state of business incubation and acceleration in Russia. Comparison of the infrastructure of the six countries of different levels of innovative economy development will help understand the dynamics and prospects of development, as well as to determine the direction in which Russian support organizations should move. The study will allow us to adapt the international methodology and to obtain a more effective tool for assessing the activity of business incubators in Russia.

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