"Company Research, Developments and Innovation Management" Master’s Degree Program — 2015

"Company Research, Developments and Innovation Management" Master’s Degree Program — 2015

The program is developed based on the "Manager of innovation activity in scientific-and-technical and production spheres" professional standard, with the support of RVC, involving Research and Innovation Directors Club (iR&DClub). This interdisciplinary program of higher professional education - engineering and management, that allows students for 2 years, personally or by distance study, to gain competence in the sphere of technological management, economy and innovation business activity. Program lecturers include known Russian and foreign scientists, experts, respected entrepreneurs, top managers of companies and R&D professional managers.

The program is aimed at training mid-level managers, occupied in the sphere of R&D and innovation management, in high-tech companies, research and development, project and technology and engineering centers. Its graduates obtain competencies in the field of creation and acquisition of new products and technologies and in the field of market analysis, production arrangement and promotion of new products.

The distinguishing and advantageous feature of the program is direct contact with high-tech companies in Russia and elsewhere, which makes it possible to summarize the best practices of innovation business activity. One of the key positions in the learning process are occupied with analysis of cases, developed under the special project  "Case factory of National Research University - Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE)" and accumulating experience of R&D and innovation arrangement and management in Russian and foreign companies. The students get advanced training in institutes for development of the Russian Federation and Russian corporations (Inter RAO UES, RVC, MTS OJSC, etc.) make research for the graduate qualifying paper in the Research and Innovation Directors Club (iR&DClub).

More information on the program: www.hse.ru/ma/rdi/students/