"Basics of innovation economy" academic course — 2015

"Basics of innovation economy" academic course — 2015

Basics of innovation economy is an academic course developed by NITU MIS&S upon the request by RVC, designed to be included in the base economy course for Bachelors of engineering, technical and natural-science directions. The course is integrated in the Bachelor's educational program at 5 universities: NITU MIS&S, MGTU named after Bauman, MSMU (Moscow State Mining University), SSAU (Samara State Aerospace University named after Korolev) RSRU (Razyan State Radio-engineering University). More than 700 students attended it the first year.

The course is a part of the action plan related to the modernization of Russian engineering and technical education, from the point of view of innovation development in Russia. It serves to develop the base innovation competencies, not only in managers, but also in a wide range of engineers, research employees and inventors for complete and efficient realization of Russian technology development. It is aimed at getting students, of technical and natural-science directions, acquainted with the common principles of innovation ecosystems work.

"A modern environment for the establishment and development of technological companies is being actively formed in Russia lately. But all effort will be pointless unless researchers, who are talented not only in science, but can be oriented to an efficient, practical realization of their developments, to invention activities, creation of new technological solutions and products, will come to economy and science. That is why we place a high stake on cooperation with the leading technological universities of the country, to offer the students an opportunity to enter an up-to-date innovation economy", Evgeniy Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director of RVC - head of the project office, said.

The educational course idea was originated by RVC; it also provides financial and intellectual support of its development and implementation. Leading Russian universities develop and run the training program for managers of "innovation" specialization. Previously, RVC supported the launch of some educational programs for innovation management at MIPT, NIU MSHE and RANH&GS. NUST MIS&S was selected as the course developer, within the tender arranged by RVC. This course is based on the Master's program of NUST MIS&S, related to the commercialization and transfer of technologies, adjusted for Bachelors. The Educational and methodological association of educational organizations in the sphere of metallurgy and material science (UMO) recommended its implementation in the technical universities of Russia.


The National University of Research and Technology MIS&S traces back to 1930, when the Moscow Institute of steels and alloys was established. Today, NUST MIS&S is the leading university of the country, training engineers and research employees in the sphere of metallurgy and material science; working and production of metals, composite, sintered, superconductor and semiconductor materials; development of non-conventional materials and technologies; resource-saving and ecology; certification and quality control; economic and management; information technology and MIS.

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