Development of regional acceleration programs — 2015

Development of regional acceleration programs — 2015

RVC supports programs combining an educational and learning nature. Their target audience: innovation entrepreneurs, developers, students, university lecturers and business incubator employees - people who need to know how to develop innovation business in the early stages.

The format of open educational programs is versatile - accelerators, master-classes, series of on-site workshops, business games and even game championships.

More than 90 courses, specializing in the support and training of innovators, were conducted between 2012-2015 with the support of RVC. About 20,000 people attended Russian programs. More than 180 start-ups and 200 foreign mentors participated in the on-site events (such as "deep Dive into the Silicon Valley" (DeepDive) - a workshop for Russian start-ups in Palo-Alto and an educational program of the business incubator, StartupAccess, in Boston).

In 2015, 18 educational programs are planned: