Regional workshops of practical consulting (RWPC) — 2015

Regional workshops of practical consulting (RWPC) is a custom unique RVC format aimed at the improvement of expertise and gaining of practical skills by market participants whose activity is related to innovation companies in early-stage (seeding and initial).

The development of the venture market and innovation ecosystem is the global process. To orientate on this market it is necessary to understand how it is organized in general. The guarantee of effectiveness is the learning from international experience and getting an idea of the current situation. We arranged RWPC in order to avoid doing, from scratch, the things that have already been created and verified. Workshops, lasting for several days, help talented developers, authors of innovation projects; entrepreneurs get free access to the information necessary for project development and its commercialization. This is a resource for the search of promising business for investors from big cities. Workshops include - lectures, business games and private consultations with the experts.

During the workshop, visitors are brought up-to-date starting from the basic terms - how venture business is organized, what business angels are, how the national innovation system works. Then the process of searching for an investor is considered in detail - which criteria are taken into account, where is the investor's objectiveness boundary. At the end of the workshop, practical issues are discussed - how to present the project in the most attractive way, how to conduct negotiations, how to arrange team work.

The training program also has a distance-learning course. The distance training system of the Moscow Technological Institute includes listening to lectures, discussions with experts, and solving business cases. Following on-line training, the graduates who have successfully passed the tests in the distance training system get a certificate for further training. In the first six months of 2015, the distance training was provided to more than 500 people.

Promising projects, that have passed the RPCS intensives, will be given an opportunity to take part in the Seed Forum, the international investment forum at the Moscow Stock Exchange in November 2015, and find their investors. Seed Forum is the world's largest organization with more than 35,000 investors in 40 countries.

By the end of 2015, regional, practical consulting sessions will have been held in ten more Russian cities.

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Project results

During the first six months of 2015, regional workshops of practical consulting were attended by about 1000 people. 200 regional technology projects, in 10 Russian cities, and in Astana, Erevan and Minsk received expert consultation. More than 130 regional workshops of practical consulting have been conducted by RVC, in cooperation with its partners since 2008; about 10 000 people received expertise and practical skills. In 2015, promising projects got one more bonus - the opportunity to participate in the biggest federal accelerator of technology start-ups - GenerationS. More than 100 regional projects - RWPC participants - got to GenerationS bypassing the preliminary selection stage and they went onto study at the first accelerator stage.