"Commercialization of innovations" training program — 2015

"Commercialization of innovations" training program — 2015

RVC JSC, together with ITMO University and leading professors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conduct the "Commercialization of innovations" educational program from July 20 till October 31, 2015 (13 weeks). The course is aimed at the development of skills of the specialists occupied with the implementation of innovation developments and launching products and services on local and global markets.

The program is based on the training course of two MIT professors, Eugene Fitzgerald and Andreas Wankerl. The training course is prepared for innovation management specialists, is included in the common course of the corresponding MIT specialities; it is also given in the Singapore Technological University.

Participants of the Commercialization of innovations professional development program will receive the following benefits:

  1. Training under the guidance of the leading global experts.

  2. Advanced Training Certificate, signed by the CEO of RVC, I.R. Agamirzian; by the Rector of IMTO University, V.N. Vasiliev, and by MIT Professors Eugene Fitzgerald and Andreas Wankerl.

  3. The opportunity to examine the experience of the USA and Singapore - recognized leaders in this field - in commercializing innovation.

  4. Consulting and evaluation of their innovative project by Russian and foreign experts and mentors.

  5. Professional networking and opportunity to keep in touch with colleagues all over the world who passed the course.

Who gives the course?

Eugene Fitzgerald - professor of material science in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), guest professor of management in the Johnson School at Cornell University and a member of the Singapore-MIT alliance. The Founder & Chairman of the Innovation Interface management board, a company that works with corporations over their innovation processes and projects. Based on his experience, acquired at AT&T Bell Labs, he designed a number of fundamental innovations and successfully launched them on the market. The founder of five start-up companies including AmberWave Systems Corporation, which introduced silicon semiconductor technology into the market of silicon semiconductors. He gained a Bachelor's Degree in materials science, in 1985, at MIT, and a Doctor's Degree, at Cornell University, in 1989. He currently works on the implementation of the, MIT-based, edX program and on a new innovation initiative project. Along with Dr. Wankerl, Professor Fitzgerald was one of the founders of the first Innovation and Commercialization courses based on the MITx/EdX distance training programs.

Andreas Wankerl is the CEO at Innovation Interface Company and a lecturer of the MIT Innovation and Commercialization program.  He was also among those who designed the Innovation Interface concept and was a founder of the preceding Business of Science and Technology Initiative project at Cornell University. Andreas Wankerl gained a Bachelor's degree and Doctor's degree in electrical technology at Cornell University. After four years of international sales management and customer service management, in the semiconductor equipment industry, he returned to Cornell to get his MBA degree and then started activity resulting in the establishment of Innovation Interface with the assistance of Cornell University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).