"Innovation ecosystem: universities and scientific centers" forum — 2015

"Innovation ecosystem: universities and scientific centers" forum — 2015

In March 2015, the first practical forum relating to the technology transfer "Innovation ecosystem: universities and research centers", was conducted in Moscow; it was arranged by RVC together with the business incubator "Ingria", NITU MIS&S and the Project Office of the Program for Improvement of International Competitiveness of Russian Universities "5-100". The forum is a part of a project by RVC and business incubator "Ingria", related to the development of innovation ecosystems in Russian universities, launched in September 2014.

In 2014, RVC, with the assistance of the Ministry of Strategic Development, Investments and International Business Activity of Krasnodar Region, conducted the Forum of the development of the regional innovation infrastructure "Innovation ecosystem». More than 300 representatives from governmental authorities, clusters, tech parks, universities, regional venture capital funds and high tech companies, from different regions of the country, attended the forum. The participants, through the course of joint work, determined specific problems preventing the establishment of the innovation ecosystem and developed a set of model projects which should ensure the synchronization of its different elements. More than 60 innovation infrastructure projects, in 29 territorial entities, were presented at the forum.

Main themes of the 2015 Forum:

  • Government and business vs universities and SRI. How to proceed, from confrontation, to mutually beneficial partnership?

  • University ecosystem: how to establish an innovation activity culture in the Russian environment?

  • How can a university, or research organization, establish efficient interaction with industry?

  • Which private business is ready for working with scientific personnel?

Speakers’ presentations: http://innovation24.ru/