Technology broker school — 2015

Technology broker school — 2015

With the extinction of the soviet industry, SRI, an important element, connecting science and industry, was lost and this free space hasn't yet been occupied. To make universities, academic departments, and laboratories efficiently sell their intellectual property, receive and fulfil industry orders, find actual applications for their research results, they should acquire specialists, who can efficiently build relations with the industry - technological brokers.

In 2014,  ITMO University,  together with the European University in Saint-Petersburg, and Russian Venture Company,  jointly arranged and conducted one of the first Russian courses for technological brokers. In the Spring of 2015, we conducted the second school for technology brokers.

Technology Brokers School is a three day, educational and practical course, during which the participants get acquainted with the peculiarities of the technology broker profession working in universities and research organizations, analyzing successful and failed strategies of the commercialization of scientific developments.

School participants gain key competencies of a technology broker in the field of technology evaluation, project management and development of roadmaps.

Presentations of speakers and audio recordings of the master-classes are published in open access on the School web site: ( Organizers plan to conduct such a School event, in the same format, in other regions of Russia.

More information on the project can be found here: